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[rohn-do-nee] n.

"Rhônedonnée" - Long journey of emulating old world style wines with the use of Central Coast fruit & terroir.

A play on words using Rhône & Randonnée. Rhône representing the style and direction of the wines that I am passionate about and strive to make. Randonnée being the French word for long journey typically a hike or on a bicycle. "Rhônedonnée" combines both my admiration for Rhône style wines and my love for adventure. So please come join me on my journey in crafting Rhône inspired wines that will hopefully compliment any adventure of your own .


In vino veritas

-Aaron Guerrero

Aaron Guerrero-
Owner & Winemaker

Growing up in Monterey, Aaron had a passion for adventure. From working at the Monterey Bay aquarium to BMX racing to pursuing degrees in engineering, Aaron discovered his love for wine. He graduated Cal Poly with a masters degree in engineering and knew he wanted to use his degree to support others as they pursue their adventures in life. Continuing his love for riding, by day, Aaron works as a design engineer for a company that makes bicycle components. By moonlight (and by day, especially during harvest) he focuses on his other passion creating wines that emulate and honor Rhône style wines. With this in mind Aaron focuses on creating old world style wines with the use of central coast fruit & terroir. 

Aaron G3_edited.jpg

Curator of Fun

Kirsten grew up in Arroyo Grande, CA and spent most of her youth in dance studios and competitions up and down the state. Dancing was her first love and helped define who she is today. Because of dance she is extremely competitive with strong drive for results. Balancing her intense competitiveness is her big heart and positivity about everything. The master of making lemonade out of lemons. She is the heart and soul of our operation and supports all aspects of the business. 


Our Family

Rhônedonnée Wines is family owned and operated. We have two young boys, Mateo and Andrés and one rescue dog named Roscoe. Mateo (age 4) and Andrés (age 1.5) are full of energy and love, keeping us on our toes at all times. We hope you'll stop by our new location in Duncan Alley and say hello!


The RW Family

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