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2020 Trailside Flowers

GMS Rosé


This juicy rosé has an electric salmon color with a zesty nose. Notes of orange blossom, strawberry and raspberry with some tropical fruits like lychee and guava. Raspberries and guava on the palate with bright, vibrant acidity. It’s fresh and delightful making it perfect for a hot day, picnic or BBQ.

$ 25.00

2020 Dawn Patrol

100% Grenache Nouveau


It’s fun, flirty, easy to drink and hard to share. It has a dark ruby jewel tone hue and herbaceous nose. At first sniff you may find candied pez with black cherries, raspberries, cardamom and bay leaf. The first sip offers bright acidity and grippy tannins. Once the tannins dissipate, you’re left with a mouthwatering thirst for more.


2018 Destination: Love

100% Grenache


Appellation: Adelaida District

Strawberry, plum, brown sugar, subtle spice, & a little bit of cheese rind give this wine a fun old world nose. On the palate strawberries are met with a good amount of tannin and acidity that make this wine smooth and easy to drink. Finish is nice and juicy making you wish your glass never gets empty.

$ 40.00

2019 Destination: Love



Appellation: Willow Creek District

Coming Soon!

2018 M-Trail

60% Grenache, 40% Mourvèdre


Appellation: Adelaida District

Notes of strawberries, raspberries, dusty road and bay leaf spice. Fruity on the palate with nice round tannins followed by juicy acidity. Medium to bold body with a smooth finish.

$ 55.00

2018 Trail Secret

100% Mourvèdre


Appellation: Adelaida District

A potpourri of plum, blackberries, brown sugar, cocoa powder, subtle spice, & sage give this wine an incredible nose. On the palate plum and blackberries are met with juicy acidity that is balanced with an appropriate amount of tannin leaving a beautiful long finish.

$ 45.00

2019 Trail Secret



Appellation: Adelaida District

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